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"The icing on the cake though is Ryan Thomas Johnson’s score; a constant drumbeat that vacillates in beat and modulation, as omnipresent as a heartbeat, rising blood pressure, or the battle of dating." - Behind the Lens Online review of Match

"Kudos to...composer/musical director Ryan Thomas Johnson and his four-piece band who rock the house..." - Broadway World Review of Deadly

"...a striking production..." - LA Times review of Deadly

"The performers, buoyed by music director Ryan Johnson’s live period piano music, all possess the spot-on timing of seasoned vaudevillians." - LA Times review of Stoneface

"...Ryan Johnson’s remarkably expressive piano accompaniment..." Stage and Cinema review of Stoneface

"Ryan Johnson’s original music for Deadly is full of great songs that show off the inner mind of the characters, and set an ominous tone. With heavy use of a violin and cello, the score creates a lingering sense of dread and unease, even when allowing for beautiful harmonies among the singers." - Haunting.net review of Deadly

"It’s great to attend a new musical with a live band, and musical director Ryan Thomas Johnson ably presides over his four-piece ensemble..." - Hollywood Progressive review of Deadly

"...the entire shebang adding up to as polished a World Premiere musical as any pre-Broadway Ahmanson tryout..." StagesceneLA review of Deadly

"The band, which remains unseen...is superb with excellent musicianship and timing...I was sitting in the audience towards the end of the play and while thinking, 'No, I’m not going to cry', tears started flowing down my face." - Nightmarish Conjurings review of Deadly

"Of note is pianist and musical director Ryan Johnson’s marvelous live performance throughout of the jingly piano score we associate with silent movies." - Arts Beat LA review of Stoneface

"...an atmospheric original score..." - StagesceneLA review of Stoneface

"There’s also the pleasure of getting to watch/hear...as Ryan Johnson provides live piano accompaniment..." StagesceneLA review of A Miracle on 34th Street

"Can I write an objective review of an album that for some strange reason I have loved since the first listen?...This is my 'discovery' of 2016." - Prog Archives review of Überband's 'Hamstrapped'

"I wish there could be more. Albums and albums more. I never tire of Überband." -Bandcamp user review of Überband's 'Hamstrapped'

"Hamstrapped is an 'EP swan song' which makes us bitterly regret the end of the Überband adventure." - Core and Co. review of Überband's 'Hamstrapped'

"I recommend it to you, your mom, your mom’s friend Mary, your mailman, your buddy Steve." - Upstarter.com review of Überband's 'Live in Poland'

"...this is a brilliant CD." - Antimusic review of Voldar's 'Music for Video Games That Never Were'

"The original music by composer Ryan Johnson permeates the room with an eerie and foreboding fog." - Stage and Cinema review of Watson and the Dark Art of Harry Houdini

"Ryan Johnson’s original score for string instruments heightens the show’s emotions and its sense of dramatic adventure." LAist review of Watson