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My baby for years. This was the band I started with the idea of creating my dream project - Something that carried all the badassery of my favorite punk and metal, but combined it with the virtuosity of my favorite jazz. For 13 years, I teamed up with a fantastic roving band of weirdos, writing goofy, complex, dense songs and performing dadaist shows to stupify audiences. We carried the torch that Zappa and Mr. Bungle had lit before us. We had more fun than anyone.


Absolutely and completely in the vain of Überband, but with more emphasis on the jazz. These guys had already been around for years before I joined up, and I had long been a fan. It was an honor to join their carnival.


I played organ in Batlord from 2006 to 2010. The project of our singer-guitarist Scorpio, they still exist in Germany. We did 3 tours in Germany and Greece and I got to pretend that I was a sexy rock star for awhile, dressing up like a vampire and playing garage rock.


I've played on and off with EME since 2017, sharing keyboard duties with another guy. It gives me a chance to play space rock at festivals in the desert and indulge in psychadelic solos.


I love the Fuxedos. And they're some of the best musicians I get the privilege to play with. We play this thinking man's narrative surreal punk maybe once or twice a year. Many masks are involved.


J is a talented singer-songwriter I'll gig with on occasion. Straight forward rock with intriguing textures.


In 2003, I donned a spacesuit and called myself Voldar. I recorded an album comprised entirely of Atari 2600-esque music called "Music for Video Games That Never Were". Games like "Cow Tipping" and "Run, Rabbi, Run!" I've still got fans in Norway. The material is largely off the web these days, but I plan on getting it back up when I get the chance.

Here's a link to ALLMusic where samples of the tracks still exist.

Guitarist Jimmy Giglio says that he pulled me out of the rock n' roll cradle. He's right. This was my first full-time band, a Rolling Stones-like sound with pop appeal. It secured for me in the idea that I'll be doing this the rest of my life. Calico was deleriously popular in LA in the 90s. We also had a following in Brazil and toured there for a month. Before I met them, they had a record deal and were called The Hookers. You can still find the Hookers material online, but I haven't heard any of the stuff I played on.