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Happy Halloween! I've got a kid these days, so instead of trolling parties looking for women dressed like "Sexy Margaret Thatcher" I'm taking my little girl trick or treating. Anyway, to catch up...

In July, I went to Munich to hear the extraordinary Orpheus Chor Munchen perform my piece "Wessobrunner Gebet" as part of Musicalion.com's Diabelli Competition. I didn't win. But who cares?! I got to visit one of the world's great cities and hear an excellent 60-piece choir perform my music in a 180-year-old cathedral in the royal Bavarian Residenz. Yeah, I cried when I heard it. Absolutely stunning experience.

For VIDEO of the performance - CLICK HERE.

Überband is finally releasing our EP "Hamstrapped"! We're officially broken up now. But that just means I can dedicate some time to shopping our wares around in a generally professional capacity. Listen/buy on our Bandcamp page HERE. Or if you prefer, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.


Very exciting news! I am a finalist for the Diabelli Contest produced by The Carl Orff Institute and Musicalion.com. That means that on July 15th I get to enjoy my very first public performance of my music in an epic way. They're flying me out to Munich, putting me up for a few days, and the Orpheus Chor Munchen will perform my piece with the other finalists at the 180-year-old Court Church of All Saints. And if the judges take to my stuff, I win anywhere from 2000 to 5000 Euros. I am beyond giddy. This is one of those dream-come-true/real composer moments.

Outside of that, I'm putting the finishing touches on Überband's video for "Oompapa(yayosikkatikkahiyo Oompapaleggyogahoum)" to start promoting our posthumous EP. Recording a new EDM project with the inimitable Marz Richards called Yankee Bandit. More info on that soon. And if you're in LA in August, I'll be sitting in with the band Shady Jaguar who are coming in from Spain for a gig or two.

Also, my kid is freakin' adorable and you can all rest easy. She's still alive. I've done my job.


Happy New Year. I had a kid. Does anyone want to hand me money so she can eat for a lifetime?

Also, the Uberband EP is now mixed and we're putting the final touches on marketing and whatnot. Keep an ear/eye out for Hamstrapped to be released in a few months.

Fine-tuning Deadly, the musical I've been writing. We may have a production within the year. In the meantime, I scored two short films - Soiree by director Ben Rock and a short film by comedy duo Ten West.

Outside of that, I just dumped a ton of music into the Opus 1 Music Library. May all ye editors use it.


The Uberband EP is reaching its final mixing stages! Friend me on Facebook, Twitter, or what-have-you if you want to make certain that you hear the end product of the rock band I'm most giddily proud of. 'Twill be available in the coming months.

In other news, I've got a bunch of stuff popping up. I'm guest keyboarding with the Fuxedos on Nov. 13th at El Cid. One of my favorite LA/SF bands. Miravel opens the same night at Sacred Fools Theater. I co-wrote/produced a 4-minute mini symphony for the show with playwright/star Jake Broder. Should be a fine piece of work. Think Cyrano de Bergerac in the jazz world. And the next week Rio Hondo opens at Theater of NOTE in Hollywood. I scored the show. My frequent theater cohort Jaime Robledo directs this cowboy western farce and gives me to pretend I'm Ennio Morricone.

Personal news: I'm having a kid. I'm terrified. Also got a chance to travel to Vienna and Prague a few months ago. Holy Jeebus on a cracker! Those places are beautiful. I got to explore the church where Mozart got married and amble around Beethoven's apartment.

Speaking of that, if anyone's looking to perform a new string quartet, let me know. I'm dying to get my chamber work out there. Also looking to put some other stuff into music libraries. Cheers!


Had a fantastic time last night playing the season premier party for "Hit Record on TV" at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood. Got to play with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and a gaggle of Hitrecorders who came from all over the country to rock it out onstage. They were all fantastic.

"Astro Boy and the God of Comics" opens soon at Sacred Fools. I wrote and recorded original music for it. Tells the story of proto-anime character Astro Boy and his creator Tezuka. This show promises to be quite the visual feast.

And sadly, I'm announcing the last show of my band Uberband. For 15 years, Uberband has been my musical home base, the place where I experiment with new ideas, stretch my skills, and laugh my ass off. Of anything I've done, my work with Uberband is what I'm most proud of. But our guitarist is moving to Denver, and it wouldn't feel right calling ourselves Uberband without him. So our last show will be Sunday June 28th at 11:30pm at Trip Bar in Santa Monica. All the info is on the facebook event page HERE.


Hey, it's time for my annual "Oh yeah...I've got a website" update. Where to begin?

I spent last summer performing my score for Stoneface for 800 people a night at the Pasadena Playhouse. Historic theater, fantastic experience. We're in talks to see where the show might go next.

I've been developing an original musical called "Deadly" with Stoneface playwright Vanessa Claire Stewart about the infamous World's Fair serial killer H.H. Holmes. We've had a couple public readings at Sacred Fools Theater in LA and the Chance Theater in Anaheim. Both were received quite well and have helped guide our development of the show.

Speaking of Vanessa, if you're in the Chicago area, go see her perform in the show she co-wrote "Louis and Keely: Live at the Sahara". The woman is a supreme talent and I'm proud to do stuff with her. For that matter, make sure to watch her husband and Stoneface star French Stewart on "Mom" on CBS.

I'm finally making good on my threats to be a more active HitRECorder this year. It's paying off. My score got selected for the segment "Dick Guns", written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, produced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, starring David Krumholtz. I get to name-drop like a champ now. My inner 13-year-old is also elated that I scored something called "Dick Guns". I also scored a segment called "Call Your Mom", a title my inner 13-year-old isn't as excited about. Very sweet piece, though. Plus, my instrumentation is all over other people's work there. Keep an eye and ear out for this season's run of "Hit Record on TV" on the Pivot network.

We are in the mixing stages of the Uberband EP. In the meantime, we're back to playing live. Get yer ass to the Silverlake Lounge on April 10th.

Aside from that, I've been occasionally doing shows with my spirit bro Marz Richards as For Lovers Only. I was able to squeeze in a vacation to China last year and made a jaunt to Washington DC for a wedding. Right now, I'm recording a score for Astro Boy and the God of Comics at Sacred Fools this summer.


I've been in rehearsals for Stoneface the past few weeks. I can't express how fantastic it's been to see our show gear up so many pro levels. If you're in Southern California, come see it. It'll be amazing. Also just finished up my vocal tracks for the Überband EP.


This site has been in dire need of a do-over. It's not entirely there yet, but this will serve for the meantime. So, what's been a-happening?

Currently, I'm gearing up for another production of Stoneface: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Buster Keaton. Our scrappy production starring French Stewart as Buster won a slew of awards when we premiered it at Sacred Fools Theater. For this next run, we'll be stepping it up considerably by staging the show at the historic Pasadena Playhouse. We're going from about 80 seats to 800. If you didn't see the show the first time, I perform the musical score live at a piano as if it were a silent movie screening. French and the rest of the cast are fantastic and it promises to be visually stunning.

I have been developing a new musical with Stoneface playwright Vanessa Claire Stewart about the exploits of serial killer H.H. Holmes. Totally new territory, but it's looking good so far.

Last month, we started tracking a new Überband EP. I'm biased because it's my band, but godammit we sound amazing.

A few lil' scoring gigs. I've started writing some music for a new web series "Sexie Veggies". And I'm writing some string quartets when I snag a few minutes.